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The Book Nook at Mounds Mall is a bookstore in Anderson, IN, operated by The Madison County Literacy Coalition. When you purchase gently used books, all proceeds are used to provide free literacy tutoring to adults in our Madison County community who struggle with the most basic reading skills.

“…so that all can read.” These simple words are the mission statement of The Madison County Literacy Coalition. The ability to read and write is the basis for all other education. Adult literacy programs such as The Madison County Literacy Coalition offer a second chance to adults who were unable to learn in traditional ways. Services are available to adults who struggle with reading, writing, comprehension, and spelling. The Book Nook bookstore in Anderson, Indiana was founded solely to provide funds for these services and literacy initiatives.

Nonprofit Organization in Anderson, Indiana

All books the bookstore sells were donated by local readers and organizations. The variety of paperbacks and hardcover books includes thousands of titles for readers of all ages.

The Book Nook bookstore is staffed by volunteers who work a regularly scheduled shift each week. Mounds Mall allows MCLC to use the space rent-free except for a monthly utility fee.

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